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WHO-UDHA Immunization Study – Luuka district

Evaluating the role of leadership in transitioning vertical into integrated and sustainable district health programs – a case study of immunization in Luuka district, Uganda.

Many donor initiated district programs lead to high coverage but are rarely sustainable as implementation is often vertical. In Luuka district, a vertically implemented program led to high coverage for immunization at 89%. In addition, there was a reduction in vaccine stock outs, improvements in timely delivery of immunization logistics, and deployment of and timely payment of staff. However, little is known on how to integrate this successful vertical immunization project into the existing district health system institutional framework.
In this partnership of UDHAWHO, Unicef, GAVI  AHPSR, MUSPH and Luuka district local Government, effort aim at  evaluating the role of leadership strategies in facilitating the transition of a successful vertical immunization program into an integrated and sustainable district program in Luuka district, Uganda.

It research employs mixed methods study design. Data collection is through literature and document review, use of qualitative methods to interview different district and national level stakeholders, retrospective record review and analysis of existing data from the district including DHIS II, and Lot Quality Assurance Sampling (LQAS) data from Luuka district. Data analysis uses uni- variate and multi-variate statistical analysis to measure inter-variable relationships and associations. Qualitative data will be analysed using content analysis approach, with the aid of computer programming of NVivo to run common themes and their relationships whose findings will be disseminated to stakeholders at various levels including district, national and global levels.

Research Team:

  • Kyakulaga Fransic (Research Associate -UDHA),
  • Dr. Peter Waiswa (Ass. Prof of Health Policy – MUSPH, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden)
  • Dr.  Wabwire Mathias Panyaako (District Health Officer/Co PI – Luuka)

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