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We welcome volunteers from all over the world these can be technical volunteers, group volunteers or interns. These are usually short term mainly between 1-12 months. Group volunteers are encouraged to volunteer on a specific project.

We attach our volunteers to host families, take them through a social cultural orientation and avail team support for a fruitful stay with us. For your welfare, we request you to contribute 56 $ each week.

Volunteers are can initiate a project within our scope of work though they are encouraged to carry out research to so as to have a community sustainable intervention.

Those who may want to undertake their own projects must get clearance from UDHA management.

What do UDHA volunteers do?

UDHA is open to a wide variety of talents and ambitions come join our team for improved global health.

Each volunteer will be tasked proportionate to their level of experience and expertize.

Volunteers who are new to development work may predominantly support and assist current projects, while those with more applicable experience may be able to assume greater responsibility.
UDHA is a secular, non discriminative organization willing to support all people to realize their full potential.

As a growing organization, UDHA cannot afford to support its volunteers with Computers and other key materials so we greatly appreciate if you carry some for yourself and UDHA when coming.

Working Conditions

UDHA’s  working hours are 8 hours five days a week but incase of deadlines and urgent tasks we work overtime and on weekends and public holidays. While all staff is based in the office, there are frequent travels to the partner communities to facilitate interventions. Volunteers will have a good balance of both work in the office and in the community.

How about volunteer safety while at UDHA?

The safety and security of UDHA Volunteers is our highest priority. UDHA provides Volunteers with the training, support, and information they need to stay healthy and safe. Most areas UDHA works in are safe, but for those areas that are remote such as landing sites, health and safety risks are an inherent part of Volunteer service. Volunteers can reduce these risks by following recommendations for locally appropriate behavior, exercising sound judgment, and abiding by UDHA policies and procedures.

UDHA continually updates materials for Volunteers with specific information about safety and security risks in the areas where they serve. This enables Volunteers to make informed decisions and have a safe, healthy Volunteer experience.

Funding for volunteers

Since we are a growing organization, we currently have limited resources to support volunteers. Volunteers are encouraged to have their insurance, health care taken care of. We encourage seed grants for volunteers who intend to work with us (between $400 – $500) which can make quite a huge impact on a project. We encourage online grant seeking for projects that have taken off as well. Most volunteers we get are also funded by organisations or individuals and our experience with them has been key towards accelerating sustainable low cost high impact projects.

Whom should I Contact?

Drop us a mail at admin@udha-uganda.org