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School health project

This project is funded by Globe Med, a student ran organization located in Washington University St Louis, USA. This project is targeting in school youth 10-25 years in 10 schools in Iganga municipality and 2 schools Bukooma Sub County. Our main objective is to empower youth to respond to their health needs. Every summer, interns from globe med come to Uganda to visit and work on projects with the youth in Iganga. Under this project we train youth peer educators in attending to sexual reproductive health issues, they offer counselling, referrals and sensitization in the numerous schools they are selected from. All peer educators are supported by patrons who are teachers seconded from the numerous schools. They act as mentors for the peer educators and a bridge between UDHA and the schools. All the schools have health boxes, in these health boxes students are able to write letters which are picked by project staff, answered and then delivered back to the students.

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