Health System Strengthening

Uganda Development and Health Associates

Improves access and increases demand for services aimed at enhancing and expanding health care for under served communities, empowerment of youth, women and children in using sustainable mechanisms. UDHA is a regional role model health promotion organization dedicated to serving the poor and vulnerable in Uganda and beyond. We utilize the firm foundation and experience established to bring our full expertise, set higher standards and facilitate communities to meet their needs.

Our vision

A society fully empowered to participate and take care of own health and development needs.

Our mission

To engage a multi-sectoral and professional approach with strong community participation and ownership for the enhancement of health, rights and development

Strategic Objectives

  1. Empower youth to respond to their health needs cost effectively
  2. Strengthen maternal health community initiatives with a rights based approach
  3. Promote quality child health service provision at all levels.

Projects We Are Focused On

Our Partners